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[ed.note:ONE BKNT Post has been  removed from the BlackNET Intelligence Channel and its RELALTED BlackSITES, at the REQUEST of several Members, primarily citing OpSEC (operational security) concerns on several levels and ancilary ‘sourcing and methodolgy’ conderations.

In addition, FOUR individual PAGES of TWO posted Documents were also subject to TWO of the above reference Member

BKNT-HQ Considered these TWO requests and One “decree” and found them to be ‘reasonable operational Member REQUESTS,’ and has acceded to said same for the time-being. ‘Real-time’BKNT Message traffic on this subject, below:]

Sent: Tue 6/21/2011 :1100 ET
To: Hon. Stanley Sporkin (US Dist., Ret.)
cc: Stand Up America


US/1; ATTN: JAG/1; HST/1; HST/2; PHX/3; NSNS/1;Mil.COM-Ed; NavySEALs.com; US/30; MediaChannel.org; US/44
[ed.note:Developing…AQ HIT LIST HITTING SOME NERVES. Understandable.
Two  Member requests and one ‘decree,’ were received this AM – ET–reasonable all–to remove certain items from ‘OUR publicly available’ website(s).
We have acceded to the requests out a reasonable sense of caution any way, which is a major contributory factor in our delay in posting our still-to-come BlackNET Intelligence ChannelHomeland Security Today article on the AQ Hit-list targets and the relate Jihadi Cyber-WARS between US Govt. agencies, foreign intelligence services, and the Al Qaeda cyberwarriors.
Coming out TODAY. So stand by. BKNT-MEDIA PARTNER EDITORS, especially.  And you know who you are………..]

21 June 2011 1045 ET ———————————I

Morning Catherine,

Be glad to post it to the Members and on the website. I presume it formally “up” and open source (in this case, I mean it’s not embargoed or anything?)
Is this a good email address for the BKNT daily ‘newsletter” posts?
The website has just be requested (almost ‘ordered,’ this morning, to take down the AQ Hit List Bulletin DOCUMENTs (4 pages). Still deciding, but will probably pull them off–as a reasonable “operational Member Request,”
…Just this second been advised by another Member that the departing “Secretary of Defense” has ‘decreed’ the threat documents be taken down, deleted and completed un-cached from the various websites.
We are running our earlier referenced AQ HIT-LIST article today on the BlackNET Intelligence Channel and Homeland Security Today (HSToday.us), with a sidebar on Cyber-Jihad Wars on information operations.
Curiouser and curiouser, as my British colleagues used to say. Previous reference SECDEF was subject of Washington Post article by this author during his controversial confirmation hearings to be the CIA Director.*
You had best move fast if you wish to pursue the graphics angle if you be interested…
Got to go. Give us a call if you are interested in story pursuit, or if I can be of any assassistance.
As one of our Members, the ‘Covert Comic,” an agency guy, used to say: “I both CONFIRM and DENY that” allegation.
W.Scott Malone
From: catherine herridge
Sent: Tuesday, June 21, 2011 [0630 ET]
To:  Scott Malone,T. Shaffer
Subject: RE: BKNT–FOX News’ Catharine Herridge Sends Her Regards; The BKNT Returns Them–LD
wow — honored.  thanks scott and you should know, I dedicate the book to those who serve.  Being from a military family, the reporting for me is personal and I know the entire family serves our great nation. 
FYI — Fox is running an excerpt from the book.   I am humbled by your interest.   In the short term, maybe you could post it.
best, Catherine

Subject: Fw: BKNT–FOX News’ Catharine Herridge Sends Her Regards; The BKNT Returns Them–LD
To: Catherine Herridge
From: T. Shaffer
Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2011 [1100 ET]
You are invited to join the BlackNet…

Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2011 [0555 ET]
To:  [ANX – SG(A); BlackLIST #2; et.al.]
Subject: BKNT–FOX News’ Catharine Herridge Sends Her Regards; The BKNT Returns Them–LD
A. Shaffer; C. Herridge; US/1; ATTN: LTC Shaffer; C. Herridge; NavySEALs.com; Mil.COM-Ed; PurePURSUIT-Ed; US/30; TSP/2; RT/66; NSNS/1; US/44; FPC/1-5; US/8; HST/2
– Former Army SpecFOR information warfare officer LTC Anthony Shaffer
Tony S,
High praise indeed. For what it’s worth, please tell her her book cover and hyper-link are up on the front page and book page of the BlackNET web/blogsite (http://blacknetintel.blogspot.com/), right near your book cover and link.
Please thank her for us. Many of us here’bouts are long-time fans. Come Tuesday, please further advise Catherine, we will be jumping in pursuit of her proffered story suggestion and lead. (And we shall be giving her phone call in said pursuit.) Suhkran and Sookria.
[Please see the below NO-DISS footnote. You are welcome to CONFIDENTIALLY brief her on said same should she agree.*]  
[*NOT POSTED (yet)]
Also, please invite Catherine to join the BlackNET Intelligence Channel Founding Members Dissemination-List, should she be so inclined. (And if inclined, please ask her to email me an email address for the average 3-4 daily BKNT Posts, should she have a separate one for such.)
AND, if logistically operable, and should she be further inclined, please advise Catherine she can have the first, television exclusive on our ‘Jihad CyberWAR AQ HIT-LIST’ story for either SIMILTANEOUS broadcasting with our publishing/posting sometime early tomorrow afternoon, Monday 20 June 2011, hopefully around 1300 ET.
If she deems the story worthy, she could do some B-roll shots of the documents, photos and a shot or two of the websites, and perhaps one of us on a telephone or Skype-type interview, and should you be in her neighborhood tomorrow, she could also interview you, since you are fairly well quoted therein upon. (Call me, and I will give you a brief on highlights we might suggest worthy, and any open questions raised therein, worthy of further investigation. Or, as the Trotskyites used to call it—‘The Party Line…’)
Failing the vagaries TV logistics, Catherine can still have the TV broadcast exclusive for as many hours as we can manage, (depending on developments, between 3 hours up to 24).
Let me know soonest–at any hour—via email or TELCON, on said same.
And thank you, again!
Suhkran Sedikki,
Scott OUT…

Scott – I told Catherine about you highlighting her book – and she asked me to thank you for putting this out to the BlackNet – and gave me a small “exclusive” for you – here is what she said:

[ed.note: For the initiated, as well as the noveau and even the naive, the below article was the original broadside about the glaring and deadly INTELLIGENCE FAILURE of the CIA, the NSA and the military intelligence agencies over WMD in Iraq that were uncovered only after the war had ended, circa 1991.
Those WMD ‘terror weapons’ had been employed to ghastly effect by Saddam–first against the Iranians during their 8-year war–then again against his own Iraqi Kurdish population beginning in 1988.
Dick Cheney was the SECDEF at the time, and his two key deputies were Scooter Libby and Paul Wolfowitz. They were apparently deeply chagrined over this failure–their failure.
And after they had personally effected the delivery of a collective 90,000 ton payload of bombs rained down on Iraq.
After UN Inspectors uncovered murdered artillery designer Gerald Bull’s 200-foot-long SuperGun sitting placidly, if firmly, on a hillside pointing at Israel, even Jay Leno had a little fun at Cheney and Libby’s expense:

“The Iraqi Branch of the National Rifle Association put out a statement today saying that the Supergun was intended for sporting purposes only…”
By William Scott Malone

AMERICAN INTELLIGENCE that was shared with Saddam Hussein for six years during the Iran-Iraq War may have helped Iraq hide weapons of mass destruction — including most of its secret atomic bomb project — from U.S. forces seeking to destroy the arsenals during the Gulf War.

This possibility has arisen in the aftermath of the recent discoveries in Iraq by United Nations inspectors that Saddam’s deadly stockpile was more than 10 times as large as predicted by U.S. intelligence agencies during the Gulf War.

By any analysis, what Operation Desert Storm missed in its Gulf War effort to destroy Saddam’s secret arms caches was staggering — more than 819 Scud missiles, a huge cannon almost 170-feet long resting on a mountainside and aimed at Israel, more than 11,000 chemical shells and three uranium enrichment/hydrogen bomb component factories, according to U.N. reports.

“Our failure to cover the Iraqi weapons programs was clearly a significant intelligence failure,” former acting CIA operations chief Edward Juchniewicz recently concluded.

[Information contained in BKNT E-mail is considered Attorney-Client and Attorney Work Product privileged, copyrighted and confidential. Views that may be expressed are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect those of any government, agency, or news organization.]


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