KORAN BURN Demonstration VIDEO – Dr. TERRY JONES: "The Qu’ran Has No POWER…"

Posted: May 4, 2012 by blacknet23 in BlackNET Intelligence
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The Qu’ran Has No Power; the April 28th Terry Jones Koran Burn Event and Reactions (with Updates)

Dr Terry Jones sets a Koran and Image of Muhammad alight at 5:50pm ET, April 28th, 2012, Dove World Outreach Center, Gainesville, FL.

The ‘Holy’ Qu’ran has no power. Muslims believe the Koran should be respected and obeyed because you will be cursed with sickness or death by God himself otherwise. Since our first Koran Burn event, the name “Terry Jones” has become a common part of the discussion across the world among Muslims and non-Muslims. If the Koran is so ‘holy’ and has the power to take revenge on those that disrespect it, why is Terry Jones alive and well?

This is one spiritual reason we were joined by Afghan ex-Muslims living in exile in Asia in the burning of a Koran. They want to share the same testimony with Muslims. They burned the Koran, they were not harmed, the Koran has no power. They also agreed with our protest as a political statement. In Afghanistan, as in Iran where Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani awaits possible execution, Christians are regularly jailed, tortured and killed, simply for their faith. Islam produces spiritual and political violence and oppression.

Our event, located on the familiar field to the west of Dove World Outreach Center was openly supported by 30 people. Several had driven from towns in Georgia and Florida to join our church. Across 37th Street, in the quiet Mile Run neighborhood many people, police and reporters stood or sat in cars and watched from a distance. There may have been 100 witnesses to the burn in all.

Continued here: http://www.standupamericanow.org/articles/2012/05/the-quran-has-no-power-the-april-28th-terry-jones-koran-burn-event-and-reactions-wi

Read more of this article at our website, with April 28th quotes from Dr Terry Jones, links to videos and news items, and check back in the days ahead as we add updates and comment on reactions to our event.

Call or write with questions or comments: 352 371-2487 or info@standupamericanow.org

Dr. Terry Jones’ Holy Qu’ran – Burning Demonstration

Dove World Outreach Center, Gainesville, FL

28 April 2012 :1730 ET               1 Hour 29 Minutes


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