W. Scott Malone: THE MEN-IN-BLACK are REAL…

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By W. Scott Malone
BlackNET Intelligence Channel 
Tales of M-I-B sightings dating back to the 60’s and 70’s were once legion among computer geeks everywhere, and would become the impudent impetus for the WorldWideWeb’s very first, backdoor- viral, “word-of-mouth” ad-campaign for Will Smith’s 1997 blockbuster, Men In Black.

With a flick of the viral wrist, M-I-Bs were seemingly transformed overnight went from sinister lurking apparitions to respectably cute Secret Alien Police. This particular noir-nomenclature was derived mostly from UFO sightings during in the 1960s and the 70s, when uncommunicative black-clad ‘government’ men would descend seemingly from nowhere, to inflict clinical interrogatories upon the various adherent eye-witnesses–tin-foil hats notwithstanding…

Jim Hogan, author of Spooks, his 1979 tome about the privatization intelligence and political dirty-tricks, was one of the first MIB flag-waivers with an early 1990’s article on the burgeoning, almost quasi-religious MIB phenomena. Penned with only the tiniest hint of tongue-in-cheek, Jim Hogan was already out-there half a decade before the phenomena  was to be cynically, if brilliantly, exploited to ramp-up movie buzz.

Yet the Men-In-Black are REAL.

Scott Malone actually met FIVE of them in late 1987, after showing up at the Radiology Department of Georgetown University in search of a radiation-detecting  Geiger Counter  with which he could scan his “exploded nuclear warhead” for remnant radiation.

Because Malone’s long-time brother and sometime housemate, Douglas Harrison Malone, had been complaining vociferously and non-stop for weeks on end about the possible radiation he and our two Goldens–Bugsy and RedDOG–were unwittingly being exposed too from the blackened, two-square-foot trophy chunk of exploded warhead sitting under the fireplace mantle.

“It has been sitting within inches of 9-megaton’s worth of plutonium for 25-years,” Doug kept loudly and repeatedly emphasizing. When he threatened to call their Mom, Scott Malone picked up the phone and called the near-by Georgetown Hospital Center.

It was actually and exploded NOSECONE of Titan ICBM missile warhead being decommissioned under the then secret codicils of the nuclear arms limitation treaties, SALT-I and II .

The U.S. Air Force demolition technicians handed the detonator  plunger to Malone and let him personally demolish the ten-foot tall, resign-encrusted nosecone/re-entry warhead with seventeen-pounds of C-4 Plastic explosive.

Later that day, in an attempt to mimic a satellite photograph, as presumptive under a then still secret SALT codicil wording of ‘national technical means,’ Malone and the  LIFE science photographer, Roger Ressmeyer, hired a Bell JetRanger Helicopter (gray) to shoot an intact missile silo and a blasted-open one from a 1,000 feet above looking straight down.

The Prince, Malone and wife 
WSM © 1999 -2011 MindBENDER, Inc.

The SALT I and II nuclear limitation treaty negotiations were long, complex and secret, with every draft version translated into a required seven different languages, including the secret codicil Malone was later attempting to mimic with a gray helicopter.

Only an ex-patriot Russian Prince, Alexis Obolensky, was learned and practiced enough to accomplish such a feat in real-time. He had even been schooled in music by Rachmaninoff, but because of his skill at languages, his first official US mission was parachuting behind German enemy lines in the polyglot confederation of Yugoslavia for the OSS during WWII. (The prince’s father was Col. Nicholas Obolensky of Dr. Zhivago fame, who, as the Chief of the Csar’s personal Regimental Guards, was the last friendly face Csar Nicholas II saw before he, his wife and children was unceremoniously slaughtered in farm house by Vladimir Lenin’s victorious Bolsheviks in 1918.)

[1999 photo above of three future BlackNET Members was taken at a Russian Embassy Gala some twelve-years after the Titan warhead-silo story for LIFE.]

Prince Obolensky later spent most of the 1970’s single-handedly producing simultaneous, almost real-time, six-language translations as the SALT Treaties proceeded through their tendentious, and TOP SECRET, drafting.
In gratitude, the US State Department and some OGA allowed the Prince to KEEP the singular, secret, cryptologic machine he had so successfully deployed to keep America’s Nuclear negotiations SAFE—a 1938 Olivetti Upright TYPEWRITER.
With his family’s permission, Malone hopes to arrange for the Prince’s “historic” crypto-machine to be donated to the NSA’s National Cryptologic Museum outside Ft. Meade, MD.
[1999 photo of three future BlackNET Members, taken at a Russian Embassy Gala some 12-years after Malone’s Titan warhead-silo story for LIFE Magazine.]


Back in 1987 Arkansas, after hanging photographer Ressmeyer half out of the gray helicopter, they had to race the helicopter at top-speed with its side door wide open back to the airport to clear security for the last flight of the day out of Little Rock.  To the frowning security screeners and cheerfully inquisitive flight attendants, the only repost proffered by Malone was simple: “It’s the business end of an ICBM.” Not once did anyone further question the meaning of that statement.
And he was allowed to board, ICBM business-end tucked firmly under arm, the last plane out of Little Rock …

The resultant reporting and photography of the exploding nosecone and silo detonations ended up winning a peace medal, the prestigious Olive Branch Award, from New York University’s Center for War, Peace and the News Media for LIFE Magazine. Although of the notorious territorial prerogative school, the LIFE Magazine editors had even used Malone’s own suggested article headline:
                                   “Swords Into Plowshares.”

Meanwhile, back in 1987, when Malone showed up at the Georgetown University Hospital office of the Chief of Radiology, there were, and he claims that he is NOT making this up,  FIVE men in black suits also waiting there.

When he demanded to know “who the f**k are you?” of those thus-assembled M-I-B.s, they declined Malone’s rather abrupt invitation to further expository discourse, and promptly vacated the premises without another word...

BlackHAWK DOWN! Note the length of the weapon being deployed by 4 of America’s finest.

       [NEXT…Generation MALONE Operator (v.5.0). Sister Model and newer Cousin Version are similarly configured.]

Meanwhile, back at the Georgetown Hospital Center circa 1987, the chief radiologist had finished his wand-waiving examination of the large, blackened nosecone fragment with his Geiger Counter.

“No low-leverl gamma radiation,” was all he said.

Such nuclearweapon-specific knowledge about that little known–but critical–detail about gamma ray emission properties, could only have been derived from experience somewhere in the radiologist’s past.

So you were in the military then? Air Force or Navy,” inquired Malone about the only two branches which still have nuclear weapons to maintain.

“No,” was all he said…

[Go figure
                 …or GO TO AboveTopSecret.com,
                                                        if you really love a good conspiracy, now and then…]

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AND THEN — US Air Force General Hoyt S.Vandenburg, Jr., also a future BlackNET Member, talks out-of-school about the 1947 ROSWELL INCIDENT for the first time ever exclusively with Scott Malone.


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