– “Blood on their Hands” – A Documentary Film

Posted: May 12, 2012 by BlackNETintel-2 in W. Scott Malone
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US/1; ATTN: US/5
[ed.note: Member Mike McNulty and US/1 worked together on his TWO Waco documentaries. One of which won a National Emmy, and the other was nominated for an Academy Award.
His latest project, listed below, NEEDS Member Assistance, in the form of the smallest INVESTMENT. KICKSTARTER is a promising new form of “crowd-funding,” which may com in handy when the BlackNET Intelligence Channel EXPANDS (Very SOON).
In addition, if Members would care to INVEST in Mike’s new film project, US/1 will find some useful employment, and he can then continue to exercise rational, if rather rationed, editorial influence on said said.]
 A Documentary project in Loveland, CO by Michael J McNulty · send messageRemind Me@BlackNET 



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