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chlick, chlick – – –

[sound of a shotgun being cocked, so to speak.For the ladies, men also respond well to the sound of a crisp whipSNAPwhictt…zchuu…

(and 50 Shades of very, very DARK Grey…)]


And Please excuse OXY’s mess. He never seems to finish ANY of the important conStruction projEcts…

(like this page…)

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Oxymoronic maybe, but still a Pithily Epiphaneous Counter-Intuity… [What?]
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“In the beginning, there was this dude named Adam, and he had started out with a ‘Rib Joint,’ or something. Whatever.”

Although he was frequently observed sneaking out of pre-kindergarten Sunday school, Scott Malone had, he thought, also started out innocently enough…*

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[* – Notice Space NOT between the eyes…]

CAUTION: Hope don’t float, and it’s flammable

Well, may be not so much:

By the age of three, as pictured at right, young Malone, reportedly, had learned to sprekan ze Dutch before turning back to his ‘native’ English.

File reflects the following apparently salient entry about Subject MALONE also at age three (3) from the [OGA] Office of Security compartmentalized HTLINGUAL [redacted] USPS intercept program: 


“…Scotty is
blooming. Likes school & he & Chris both go to Sunday School which is
right across the street. He’s all taken with Army, guns, tanks, etc & all
he can sing is ‘I’m a Member of the Lord’s Army.’ I’ve informed him about the
[US]AF & he likes missiles and ‘hewicopahs,’ so maybe there’s hope…”



–Handwritten Letter
from Capt. Bill Malone to Bob & Alice Dodge, Subject Malone’s Father and Grandparents,
respectively, 13 OCT 1959

Unbeknownst to either his folks or the eagle-eyes at the then also young US Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) (or to the closet queens at the NYC-Base of [OGA] – OS/HTLINGUAL, for that matter), Subject MALONE had already trained WITH ‘revolutionary’ German youth–the exploited child laborers of local agricultural workers, many of whom had been raped by the Soviet Socialist Liberators [sic] of the Great Patriotic War. 

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Unsubstantiated allegations that Subject MALONE was attempting to convert the per-pubescent offspring of local suspected [redacted STASI] agricultural-informant/asset base through the deployment of a primitive ‘false flag- style’ recruitment operation by attempting to reinvigorate the by then mostly defunct Hitler-Jurgen movement, remain just that–unsubstantiated–to date, in the instant case.]

Subject MALONE still recalls how they taught him to design and deploy improvised bobby-traps for designated deployment [DD/DD] in case there was another go-round of large Russian tank tracks on the dark, rich soil of the Fatherland. 

ONE dug a hole, the deeper the better, on a known or critical passage way, Cris-crossed the opening with twigs, ‘covered’ the twigs with a folded, but mis-DATED,GDR newspaper propaganda disinformation sheet, and the propaganda newspaper sheet with CONTIGUOUSdark, Fatherland dirt and leaves.

Some tactical techniques were apparently not trained but self-instituted by potential for Future Contemporary Hindsight Stationary Operations [FCHSO/ds (DresdenSTASI)-methodology].

for Preservation Potentiality [PPP]: Subject had been observed on at
least one occasion hiding an obviously stolen Butter Knife in the fake
intake air-induction tubes of a Green ’57 Chevy in the Air Base parking
lot on his way to pre-nursery school. (Unaccompanied)


The threeyear ‘Scotty’s’ sapparent fascination with historic religious figures were undergoing an increasingly  metamorphic transformation.

Indications of such could glean from another contemporary family letter:

Scotty is really looking forward to SANTA CLAUS this year.While it was a little beyond him last year [at age TWO], this year Christ[mas] is a big deal.Chris is still confused by it allbut should be right in there pitching next year...

 —Typewritten Letter  from Capt. Bill Malone to ‘Mom and Dad’ Dodge, Subject MALONE’s Father and maternal Grandparents, respectively. 02 DEC 1959

Santa brought little Scotty a German HO-Scale model train set that Christmas, complete with those little curve-domed boxcars made infamous in all that Nazi war crime trial footage from Auschwitz. and Dachau.


The flitting flash of pseudo-religio-capitalist exaltation, however, would soon whither.It would NOT survive his fifth visit from old Saint Nick. exploitative euphoria notwithstanding. 


Basically DOLLS for boys….a BoyTOY. (Young Master Malone was said to have cast his favor with then ed the recently introduced (1957)  Mattel BARBIE DOLL for most of his adulthood, such as it is.)

Kept his own counsel for ONE whole year on SANTA, when then five-year ofd ‘Scotty’ mounted a Counter-Intelligence Surveillance Operation, code-named, after the age old NASA question: ‘SANTA CLAUS EXISTS (question mark, non-declaratory).  

It was a dark and snowy X-Mas EVE as 1961 drew to a close.. at 5080 Lowell St. N.W., in Washington’s rather posh Spring Valley neighborhood.The parents dropped the five-year old Scotty and his three younger siblings at the grandparents house and left to go shopping. tormenting his younger siblings with his homemade ‘improvised’ Ivory dish soap bottle squirt gun.

 When a rare Norman Rockwell exhibit opened at Washington’s Corcoran School of Art in 2000, a truck load of Malones and a few generations of Dodges were in attendance. The  adult Scotty was overheard to have stated that he had just discovered his favorite Rockwell painting.  It was a entitled ” \The Discovery,”which depicted the childhood soul-destroying moment of enlightenment with Munch faced, pajama-clad little boy stunned by the scruffy, bright trimmed red Santa suit and matching white  beard peeking out of the bottom drawer of dad’s dresser…”I had never seen even seen it before. He nailed it,” Malone said in 1994


What we see [Rockwell] trying to express
with his Santa paintings is that moment when children realize that Santa is a
phony, but beyond that, in that moment, they are seeing more than they want to
writes history professor Richard Halpern in his 2006 study, Norman
Rockwell: The Underside of Innocence
. “It’s complicated to process, that moment when they are understanding
for the first time that their parents can lie to them. They are starting to
entertain doubts. The moment he discovers that Santa isn’t real is proof that
his parents have been lying to him, posing the question: What else are they
lying about?






Building booby-traps in the wooded borders of German farm land with the child laborers of local agricultural workers would later payoff ‘big-time’ when he got his name printed in the local newspaper:

[‘Developmental Distraction’ DSM-Xe; p.78; op.cccpit.’p.7788.’]*


A house Malone spent virtually every weekend and holiday rebuilding for nearly twelve years was decorated only with paintings by some four-generations of Dodges and Malones. Absolutely AMAZING……good fortune (certainly price-wise). [Though W. Scott could barely man-handle a stick figure, ironically–only seems able to abide straight lines…He did get a wee bit of aclaim for his exterior renaissance

plumbing design proclivities by the
widely regarded Washington Post gardening columnist, Charles Fenyvesi.]

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Favorite Bee-a-tch QYOTE of last weekend [when the project was supposed to be finished]:

 ‘Messy females talk noise, stupid [basketball reference] chase boys, ignorant tricks follow [rhyming MSNBC “Morning Joe” Presidential reference] and bad bee-a-tches get rich.’Unknown [Unknowns?]  

— [Unknown Unknowns?] or [Shock & AWE…BEE-A-TCH sLaP]

The BBC;s New York Office, 630 5th Ave., in the Rockefeller Center Complex, was an historic location, for more than one reason.

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“Nice chest,” was my rather brief background briefing by the BBC’s later renowned news ‘Presenter’ Jeremy Paxman, when he learned who I would be working for next upon completion of our Panorama Libyan-CIA arms smuggling case documentary.

Such language.  


W. Scott Malone signed up with
“Auntie Beeb” in 1978, when they were perhaps the single best
news organization then extant in the world. Working out of Washington, but directed
out of the New York ‘Office’ and London, Malone worked for the legendary
“Current Affairs programmes” PANORAMA and NEWSNIGHT, whose birth are
rather vividly depicted in the well-reviewed, hit-newBBC series “THE HOUR,” set in the mid to late 1950s. It is earily uncanny to these eyes, and has been described by some TV critics as a stylish British answer to America’s 1960’sera hit ‘Mad Men.’

They, we, used to do beautifully shot one-hour documentaries on major
investigative stories, literally racing competitors like the daily New
York Times
to a draw or better.

Joining the newly formed PBS Frontline in 1982, Malone went on to marry his first wife and ‘last’ 
BBC ‘boss’–once deemed ‘the darling of the BBC,’ who was a
producer/director from the even fancier “documentary features” section
of the Beeb. Her nickname was ‘Crowbar,’ primarily for her relentless tenacity. When we worked together on the newly opened Lindbergh kidnapping case files, the New Jersey State Police even awarded her an honorary ‘NSJP crowbar,’ when we finally prepared to depart their very temporarily improvised Lindbergh documentation
Center in West Trenton Post after almost two months of daily eight-hour battles, day in, and day out.

 (We won by the way…The NJSP had required that every single document that we would be allowed to examine would require  a specific document request, to be filled in to a separate, signed form, for every one. It left Malone with an illegible signature to this day.)

not-so-ironically, the new BBC series reflects the pre-‘liberation’ travails of a glass-ceilingsmasher of a Boss and an energetic, younger reportorial stead.  Ms. Crowbar had never learned to touch-type, because her Mother
had instructed her, at a time not too far removed from the BBC era portrayed in “THE HOUR,” that if she did, she would be forever relegated to “fetching the coffee.”


US/80; US/1;ATTN: Which is the Better Half…again?
5 DEADLY TERMS USED BY A WOMAN• (1) FINE – this is the word women use to end an argument when she knows she is RIGHT & YOU need to SHUT UP. (2) NOTHING – means SOMETHING & u need to be WORRIED. (3) GO AHEAD – this is a dare, not permission, do NOT do it. (4) WHATEVER – is a woman’s way of saying SCREW YOU. (5) THAT’S OK – she is thinking long & hard on HOW & WHEN you will pay for your mistake. ‘Never explain; never complain: :’Teenagers in Love.’ Crossing the bridge with a former federal Strike Force Prosecutor, after tennis-match in Georgetown.


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A second generation Sicilian-Calabrasse and one-time model, ‘Princess’ was the only name Subject Malone ever called her, apparently (seriously). ‘Princess’  had worked her way through a Masters in Art History from Columbia. Rather impressive, to say the least. Except that as a native New Yorker, ‘Princess’ somehow never learned to swim or ride a bicycle! Seriously.
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‘Her Gness…’

Hell is paved with good samaritans.”

– William M. Holden

‘A man’s face is his autobiography. A woman’s face is her work of fiction.’ — overthehillsfaraway9 YouTube, 2011

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Women are from another Planet? 


‘HIGH’ Government Officials Recommend ADDITIONAL  Funding for Increased Tin-Foil HAT Production…


Present Company INCLUDED……………..sTAnD-bY…


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