‘A man whose size and aggressive self-assurance make him seem much older that his 24 years, Mr. Malone is a natural candidate for the job of investigative journalist.’ 

                       — The Chronicle, July 2, 1980

Never ascribe to malice that which can adequately be explained by incompetence.’
                               — Napoleon Bonaparte, 1812 
The difference between fiction and reality is that, at some point, fiction at least, has to make sense…’
                         –Tom Clancy paraphrasing Mark Twain‘It’s the improvised McGufffin, stoopid…’ *

                               — W. Scott Malone, 1 DEC 2012 : 1940 ET
A Word from His Pakistani Past

Scott Malone is writing his memoirs, tentatively entitled: Unrequited Love: A Romantic Search for Osama bin Laden and DEEPTHROAT

‘It’s sort of a “Robin Williams meets Kurt Vonnegut” in a dark Hong Kong-Kowloon alley on a rainy Thursday night kinda thing,’ Malone writes, with his affected Bush 41-like cadence and redeeming redundancy. He has yet to decide which literary school to attend (to)–should it be in the Absurdist Irony padded-room class, or Ironic Absurdity enhanced detention cell down the hall. That determination will no doubt require what the Navy likes to call a “random decision generator”– i .e. a coin flip…
© 2012 MindBENDER, Inc.
© 2012 MindBENDER, Inc.

Pride goeth before a fall; from straight-A National Honor Texas high school football and basketball ‘star,’     to NavySEALs.com, the long and twisting Road to Perdition.


                From 2002 to 2007, Scott Malone’s day job had been as the Senior Editor of NavySEALs.com and the Owner/Publisher of the counter-terrorism newsletter, BlackNET Intelligence Channel (begun on the afternoon of 9/11/01). Under his NavySEALs.com/BlackNET banner,

 Malone broke several major national 

stories, including “The General and the Journalists” about the almost successful Pentagon suppression of CBS 60 Minutes II’s sensational Abu Ghraib photo scandal exclusive, and “We Better Handle the TRUTH,’ a rather graphic, if incredibly UNSECRET, history of US and British enhanced ‘interrogation techniques.’

More recently, Malone has joined forces with Homeland Security Today, a monthly magazine, which, along with its constituent daily website, HSToday.us, covers all aspects of that almost all-encompassing subject. We broke stories about the scientific flaws in the FBI AMERITHRAX case, stories revealing a confidential DHS/FBI bulletin about the possible terror implications of Osama bin Laden’s death at the hands of SEAL Team 6, and an internal intelligence alert about possible Al Qaeda intentions to cause a Fukushima-style nuclear meltdown.

               His most recent contribution (June 23rd) was how Al Qaeda has begun directing ‘lone-wolf’ terror attacks personally targeting Pentagon intelligence officials, top military commanders, and drone manufacturing corporate executives.

Malone’s first major Homeland Security Today article landed on the cover of the May 2008 issue:

A rather unnerving nationwide survey of “cloned vehicle” incidents. Various criminal elements and potential terrorists, for a few thousand dollars, have been able to disguise vans and trucks, from step-vans to 18-wheelers, to mirror those of national cable-TV  vehicles, Fed-Ex and UPS delivery trucks, Border Patrol vans, US Postal Service jeeps and even slapped on FEMA and NSA decals on more than one vehicle. Up to the publication date, such tactics had been mostly in the realm of drug wholesalers and illegal immigrant traffickers, but the article, “Beware the Clones,” was specifically cited in federal security bulletins prior to the 2008 Democratic and Republican Conventions.
              In the Fall of 2010, Malone, working alongside Homeland Security Today‘s Senior Reporter and online Editor Anthony Kimery,  broke the story of the FBI’s continuing three-year obstruction a National Science Foundation mandated peer review of what the FBI officials claim is the newly minted criminal science of microbial forensics, which eventually resulted in the apparent suicide of Army bio-warfare scientist Dr. Bruce Ivins just outside of Ft. Detrick, one of sixteen the “maximum security” repositories of the deadly Ames strain Anthrax, which killed five in the post-9/11 bio-terror attacks.

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Members of the BlackNET Intelligence Channel have been following the ANTHRAX case closely since BEFORE the murders were even publicly acknowledged by the White House, or the FBI. Several BlackNET Members were actually exposed to the deadly aerosolized bacterium. (SEE: One of our earliest postings on this website/blog on 12 August 2008, ‘Members on Anthrax Trail.)

© 2012 MindBENDER, Inc. – All Rights Reserved


(In point of fact, many BlackNET Members have long been persuaded that Malone was himself the product long-hidden covert nuclear testing program that obviously went awry. The Andrews Air Force Base military hospital building, site of his portal of entry to this world, was torn down just after Malone’s birth there. Go figure.)

            In Malone’s worldwide exclusive 2006 “The (Other) Story Judith Miller Didn’t Write,” together with MediaChannel.org’s Rory O’Connor, Malone wrote about how the then New York Times Pulitzer-winner’s then secret White House source had tipped her off during the July 4th holiday in a rather desperate attempt to draw Presidential attention to what turned out to be two stunningly prophetic, top-level NSA-Al Qaeda ‘chatter’ intercepts–ethos calls culled from sat phone in between and Afghanistan and the key Al Qaeda operations switchboard in Yemen.             It would later develop that the Yemeni out-sourced call center was run by the father-in-law of one of the 9/11 hijackers, whose own  frequent long-distance calls were also digitally captured . 

           But between her insistent editor and the upcoming chaos of their joint bio-terrorism book “Germs,” being published on September 10th, BlackNET Member Judy Miller‘s real blockbuster fell by the wayside in the TWO MONTHS preceding 9/11. On that fateful day, Judy and was downtown getting ready to vote as she and her editor uptown, as they both harrowingly recounted to me, personally witnessed, in jaw-dropping horror, their received prophecy came to pass. 

               Although Malone had also spent most of his career following the duality of the blood-drenched yellow brick road of terrorism and organized crime, he has also managed to dabble in the less ephemerally fleeting fields of  corporate security consulting and residential construction.
Having started out at the rip-old age of 19, Malone was lucky enough to get a head start in the then burgeoning field of long-form television enterprise journalism, in which he would spend the next twenty-seven years, eventually accumulating five National Emmy Awards as an investigative reporter-producer, first for the BBC and then for PBS’ documentary series, FRONTLINE
              His reports have covered such subjects as organized crime and the NFL, Islamic terrorism, chemical-biological warfare, Ferdinand Marcos’ ill-gotten gains, the Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker scandal, the Lindbergh kidnapping case, CIA involvement with Panamanian strongman Manuel Noriega, the bombing of Pan Am 103, Saddam Hussein’s arsenal of ‘super’ weapons, and the still seminal 1993 three-hour FRONTLINE special, “Who Was Lee Harvey Oswald?”
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In pursuit of that controversial 30-year old case, Malone volunteered for the most difficult and mysterious aspects of Oswald’s early years.  Deploying one his frequently unorthodox methodologies, he hired a former CIA Acting Deputy Director of Operations as a FRONTLINE Special Consultant, translator and introductory factotum, for an expeditionary probe to Tokyo, Yokohama and Atsugi, the one-year home of the yet-to-be renowned Marine marskman, Pvt. Lee OSWALD.

Virtually in tandem, however, the refrain from Japanese security officials, both retired and not, along with certain Atsugi escort service Mama-sans, various Yomuri Shimbun newspaper Editors, and even the  local US Navy civilian Public Affairs Officer (PAO), was somewhat haunting, so to speak: “Lee Harvey OSWALD? How do you spell that…” (Which was somewhat reminiscent of an 1975 CIA-PAO’s answer to a journalistic inquiry about Chicago Mafia boss Sam Giancana’s role in the Bobby Kennedy-sponsored CIA-Mafia assassination plots against Fiedel Castro: “Giancana? How do you spell that?” [BlackHUMOR version: ‘B.C.C.I? How do you spell that?’])

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Malone and his Special Consultant revisited old CIA surveillance watch-posts of the old Soviet Embassy and their Defense Attache consulate, the still screamingly-loud and active US Atsugi Naval Air Station, along with keeping an ever vigilant  eye on who ordered what from which Scotch bottle–Foreign, Defense or Justice Ministry–kept under lock and key behind the bar in the upstairs teak-paneled lounge of Tokyo’s majestic Imperial Palace Hotel, an historic 1923 layered stone square building of an earthquake-and-magnesium-firebomb-proof Frank Lloyd Wright design. 

                However, they were only able to secure but a fleeting confirmation of a long gone, if legendary, White Russian escort geisha, who was believed by his fellow Marines to have been the object of Oswald’s secret obsession. And they met a dead-silent dead-end in tracking down one of Oswald’s several ill-fated attempts at joining up with the radical element of the day, in this case, trying to make contact with the Yakuza-financed student radicals; whose protests against US military presence would inadvertently contribute to bettering the Liberal Democratic government’s treaty-negotiating position in keeping those very same forces in place in exchange for increased US funding. (And those extremely uncommunicative radical student leaders, even more ironically perhaps, had been transmogrified into later-day Imperial fascists by the early ’90’s.)

               Although not salient to the issue at hand, Malone and Consultant were able to secure hard confirmation for one of the major economic stories of the 1990’s, and contradicting all Japanese government claims to the contrary the existence of $500 Billion in defaulted, overpriced Tokyo real estate loans. Go figure. 

FBI bullet holes and buckshot

               As the Cold War wound down, Malone was still being his usual contrarian-self.  And eerily foreshadowing the still-to-come Robert Hannsen and Aldrich Ames espionage cases, Malone’s exclusive 1989 FRONTLINE damage assessment of the John Walker-NSA/Navy Spy Ring uncovered the later confirmed fact that there were ever more treacherous traitors in the intelligence midst despite the ending Cold War. ‘The Spy Who Broke the Code’ was the recipient of the prestigious DuPont-Columbia Gold Baton Award. 

              Malone’s 1995 FRONTLINE documentary, “Waco: The Inside Story,” was awarded the George Foster Peabody Award for “investigative journalism of global significance,” and was also as the subject of ancillary, one-year internal FBI-OPIR self-investigation of how Malone obtained exclusive on-camera interviews with the very secretive Hostage Rescue Team members without HQ’s almost J. Edgar-like, control freak cult approval.              Malone’s last National Emmy Award on behalf of FRONTLINE was for the 1996 “The Navy Blues,” about the Tailhook sexism scandal and the subsequent, possibly related, and still mysterious ‘marriage-related’ suicide of Naval Chief Admiral Jeremy Borda. He sat on a bench outside his palatial quarters on the Washington Navy Yards and shot himself through the heart–on his wife’s birthday. He left two suicide notes–one of which hinted at his apparently scandalous affair with a lower ranking officer. But not one of Malone’s Metro PD sources would even let him see, much less abscond with, those sexually-charged suicide notes. And most certainly not in time to be of any use for the broadcast. 

 His reporting on the 1998 FRONTLINE, “Ambush in Mogadishu,” about how the CIA was ‘doubled’ by their key Somali agent, codenamed ‘Lincoln,’ whose tip led to the disastrous Black Hawk Down RPG ambush deaths of 18 DELTA Force Operators and Rangers, was heralded as “a tour de force” by The New York Times, and was awarded a celebrated Edward R. Murrow Award by the Overseas Press Club.

              Malone’s investigative and even public relations contributions to the theatrically-released documentaries “Waco: A New Revelation,” and “Waco: The Rules of Engagement” may have even played a small role in the latter’s 1997 Academy Award Nomination.
              Malone has also written extensively over the years, including for The Washington Post, LIFE Magazine, United Press International, Regardie’s, Conde Nast Traveler and other publications. Several of his print articles were nominated for a Pulitzer Prize in 1980 and a National Magazine Award in 1989. Malone even won an ‘Olive Branch‘ Award from New York University’s Center for War, Peace and the News Media for his LIFE Magazine coverage of the dismantling of Titan ICBM missile silos and and their constituent city-killer 9-megaton warheads.

Many of his exclusive articles have been syndicated around the world by the New York Times Syndication Service and later by the Washington Post-Los Angeles Times News Wire. They have appeared in the Guardian, the International Herald Tribune, the Montreal Gazette, Moscow New Times, and even in Hong Kong, Bangkok and several other cities in Africa and the Middle-East. 

                His very first article, written while he was still in college in 1977, for New Times magazine, was about the then unknown Cuban/Mafia escapades of the JFK assassin’s assassin, Jack Ruby, including his various attempted Cuban arms deals in a ploy to rescue the CIA’s secretly designated Mafia Castro eliminator, Tampa boss Santo Trafficante, from an Havana prison camp.

                 Entitled: ‘The Secret Life of Jack Ruby — [The] Cuban Connection,’ the article, along with Malone’s earlier Cuban-Mafia investigation for the Canadian Broadcasting Corp.’s ‘Fifth Estate‘ news magazine show, were reported to have helped steer the newly formed House Select House Committee on Assassinations’ investigation in the direction of organized crime figures, and Trafficante was the very first witness (involuntarily) called.The Mafia Godfather with Mohammed ATTA-eyes calmly invoked his ‘first, fourth, fifth, and Fourteenth Amendment’ rights.              (And Malone’s favorite choice of invokable Amendment rights ever since


Shortly after his first article’s publication, Malone was offered a book contract from G.P. Putnam’s Sons, but ‘regretfully’ demurred, saying at the time that he wished not to be seen as yet another assassination ‘buff,’ ‘cashing in’ on that national tragedy. He is said to regret it even more now that he is writing his memoirs, in his ‘inimitable and exquisite hindsight,’ as he once put it.

Over the subsequent years, Malone has also occasionally consulted for CBS 60 Minutes, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, CBS News and ABC News. He has appeared on ABC Nightline, CNN International Hour, PBS FRONTLINE, as well as on countless radio programs. He has testified before two UN Security Council Committees and has consulted on three Congressional investigations since the late 1970s.

                At the turn of the last century, without any significant Y-2k-Y-not collapse, or an aspirational, if not apparent, apocalyptic millennial attempt to commence a worldwide religious conflagration of biblical or Koranic prophecy proportions, Malone decided to try his hand at corporate security.

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He signed up with the then new international start-up security firm Global Options, LLC., initially being funded by the private equity behemoth, the Blackstone Group, as Director of Plans and Analysis. Malone contributed to several highly sensitive and politically complicated national and international due diligence-type investigations. He also landed the Charles Schwab account for the security firm, where he had the privilege to serve briefly with the late former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Admiral William J. Crowe, who had also served as the US Ambassador to the Court of St. James. 

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              Malone’s early interest in international affairs no doubt dates to his earliest memories as a two-year-old living on a secret US nuclear missile base in what was then known colloquially as West Germany. The winged, nuclear-tipped cruise-type missiles were truck-launched Matadors, literally a one generation removed US version of the infamous WWII German Nazi-era V-1 buzz-bomb terror missiles. 

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       While his father was serving in Vietnam on Gen. William Westmorland’s staff as the Deputy Public Affairs Director for MACV (for which he was awarded a Bronze Star), young ‘Scotty,’ apparently under the influence of a voodoo-influenced government, had chosen to represent the tiny, poverty stricken Caribbean nation of Haiti on his fifth-grade class’ mock Organization of American States. If nothing else, he soon mastered Robert’s Rules of Order. One consequence, he managed to out-maneuver both the Uncle Sam’s gringo and the Commie-Cuban non-member observer for the whole school year.

            A newly uncovered 8-page sophomore high school ‘White Paper’ entitled ‘The Coming of Bangla Desh,’ is a jaw-dropper in hindsight. Un-remembered or recalled by its 15-year-old author, it certainly painted a dramatically grim picture of Pakistan back in the day, from the first paragrah:

“A quarter of a million Bengalis are dead. Six million to ten million have been driven into desperate exile. This is all a direct effort to terrorize an entire people by West Pakistan…

© 2012 MindBENDER, Inc. All Rights Reserved

© 2012 MindBENDER, Inc.

“The chance for war between Moslem Muslim Pakistan and Hindu India became greater…every day the civl civil war [between] East and West Pakistan [raged]. Even the chance for war between the U.S.S.R. and China–and inevitably the U.S–had to be taken into consideration. The U.S.S.R. had made new treaties with India. China had offered to send soldiers to protect their interests such as their arms fatory in West Pakistan.

“Five-hundred Americans were evacuated by air from Dacca. It was time for precautionary measures to be taken because of the reality of war, not because of the chance of war. War had come again to the subcontinent of India…

“Many Americans told of acts of terror going on inside the forbidden borders of Pakistan. Reports of small asid children and women being shot and left lying in the street were the most common. 2 Cities turned into ghost towns because of burning and pillaging, rape and murder. Starting in March, 1971 and finally ending in December, 1971, with a two-week, full-scal war,  inwhich soldiers and Mukti Bahini gureilla [sp] soldiers gained victory over the West Pakistani soldiers…

“Now that Bengal has been liberated by Indians, Pakistanis can continue to claim from afar the right to control East Bengal in principle–without facing the embarrassment of attempting to enforce this control. And, with a war which might occur again, Pakistan could drive forward to acquire territory in Kashmir in order to demonstrate to the people of West Pakistan that the loss of Bengal had not been totally UNREQUITTED 13

“Scott Malone, English IV-2, RHS, Feb. 23, 1972. (Even with his 16 footnotes misplaced, he received a 95 on this English paper.)”

           Young Malone made his high school varsity football and basketball teams when he was just a 14-year old freshman (apparently a ‘big deal’ in Texas high school football jargon). In his sophomore year, when he penned his Pakistani tome, Malone was a National Honors student, co-editor of the school newspaper, co-captain of the basketball team, and a student government member of the dress-code board, which was designated to review stringent dress-code standards of their fellow students. Malone had been a leading advocate for the establishment of a student review board.           The most frequent violations at the time (1972) involved female students not wearing brassieres.  Needless to say, even after proper reviews, Malone was reported  to be rather lax when it came to enforcement provisions. The school administrator later summarily and unceremoniously dismissed him from the review board towards the end of the school term–and then abolished the board all together.

             After moving back to Arlington, VA, at the conclusion of that school year, Malone arrived from Texas on the day of the Watergate break-in on 17 June 1972. Though no McGovernite-Democrat be he, (despite such allegations from his father, who in his eminent wisdom at that precise time had considered a seeking employment in the Nixon White House with our neighbor and his Vietnam buddy, Gen. Al Haig and almost took a job at CREEP), the younger Malone went on to seek the position of high school intern at the Democratic National Committee offices, site of said break-in. 

(The Metro intelligence police detective who arrested the Watergate burglars would become one of Malone’s life-long friends. And almost exactly five-years-to-day later, Malone would ironically be invited to help three of the Watergate burglars celebrate the expiration of the statute of limitations for the several other related crimes for which they were not convicted, at a party in Miami.)

           With the ever bubbly assistance of his second most favorite cheerleader, Katie Couric (Gwen Dye was #1), Malone was able to secure an early release from high-school for bad behavior at the age of sixteen and went on to study Business Finance at George Washington University.

© 2012 MindBENDER, Inc. All WORLDWIDE Rights Reserved

He took all his elective courses in computer programming, except for one feature writing class, for journalism seniors. How he ever got admitted remains a fateful mystery to this day. The only assignment for the whole semester was for the journalism majors to simply write three articles and then actually try to sell them. 

    The semester’s sole successful submission, however, had been made by the lone, carpet-bagging business finance major.**

© 2012 MindBENDER, Inc. – All Rights Reserved

             The rest, as the cliché used to go, in the grand sweep of human endeavor, was a colossally entertaining and rewarding journey down the ever winding dirt road of history…

© 2012 MindBENDER, Inc.

But mostly a glorified waste of time.


                                            Go figure.
* (Inspired by the antics and escapades of Tony Shaffer, as part of Tony’s skooling in Malone’s one man SpecFORInfoRMATION WARFARE proficiency program…) **  (Although not in the G.W.U. feature writing class described above, two fellow alumni did go on to careers in television journalism as well–Jeff Milstein was a producer who I ran into one day while I was being interviewed at the ABC Nightline DC studios about the Iran-contra indictment of a former Defense Secretary, and Mike Radutzky, who has gone on to become the Senior Producer for Investigations at CBS 60 Minutes—and neither of whom have ever returned a single phone call in 30-years…Malone, of course, only ever made a single phone call to either, it must be added. Miss Katie also got a really good TV DAY job too…)


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